Automation of process power plants for effective gas transport

Oleg V. Kryukov Giprogazcenter Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Federation
The features of hardware realization and software of automatic plants in compressor stations’ ACS are considered. New structures and algorithms, providing the realization of functional capabilities of local ACS by objects of the main gas pipelines, are presented.
Materials and methods
Methods of automatic control systems of variable frequency electric drives.
Examples of successful projects realizationof automation of the primary and auxiliary power plants of effective and power saving gas transport are presented.
1. The application of modern variable frequency asynchronous electric drives as local systems of automation of main gas transport objects allows to provide the main technological requirements and effective indices of energy saving and operational reliability. 2. Automatic stabilization of process parameters in the conditions of changing stochastic disturbances is reached by useof invariant structures of electric drives with adaptive regressive algorithms. 3. Realization of a complex of requirements on provision of functional capabilitiesof objects and systems of compressor stations is provided with integration of local subsystems within the frameworks of APCS with functions of monitoring, telemechanics and dispatchning.
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