Development connection technology applicability card for the gas and oil industry

A.G. Zebzeev TomskNIPIneft Tomsk, Russian Federation
E.A. Rybakov TomskNIPIneft Tomsk, Russian Federation
D.P. Starikov TomskNIPIneft Tomsk, Russian Federation
A.G. Chernov TomskNIPIneft Tomsk, Russian Federation
Infrastructure of oil and gas companies, usually is distributed geographically distant objects. When implementing such a data transferobject may experience problems associated with limitations in receiving radio-frequency wireless communication system. This paper deals with the possibility of applying alternative communication technologies for data transmission, in particular atmospheric optical communication link. For selecting the optimal communication technology proposed the useof specially developed card of applicability communication technologies.
Materials and methods
Comparison algorithm performancecommunication technologies based on expert evaluation of selection criteria.
Designed card applicability, allowing to make the operational expert assessment of the optimal decisions.
Developed card allows decide the particular type of communication, depending on various conditions, such as weather, topography, seismicity, the reliability index, obstacles and other, shows the user the most appropriate option or alternative. Card lets youdetermine which of the suggested 6-typesof communication are not suitable for the specific conditions in the shortest possible time. Card will be useful for project organization, when you select the type of wireless communication that has the advantage of the speed and optimal choice. According to numerous variations of the input parameters for specific objects, in the result atmospheric communication link sows themselves better in relation to other forms of communication.
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communication technology oil and gas companies card of applicability atmospheric optical communication lines