About choosing of the software for procurement and logistics departments for oilfield service companies

Alexandr P. Klochkov DrillTradeService Moscow, Russian Federation a.klochkov@burts.ru
It is analyzed a reasonability of using Excel in activities of procurement and logistics departments in oilfield business. The generated by years approach to the way of organization of such departments in a part of using special software is described. Notably it is offered to use simple data bases. In particular to use database FileMaker Pro. It is presented an example of implemented software with detailed description of functionality, needed for Procurement and logistics departments of oilfield companies.
Materials and methods
There was used the literature related with an organization of supply chains and the literature related with using of software. Self-25-years experience also has been used for issue of this article.
The recommendations regarding approach of organization the work of Procurement & Logistics Departments in oilfield companies based on data base software are offered in this article.
Author offers one of possible approach to to working process of procurement and logistics departments for small oilfield companies. The approach is to creation software for self needs. The same approach can be used in different industries as well.
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ERP FileMaker Pro supply of materials and equipment procurement logistics databases