Advanced technology of resource and energy saving through "EKRA" Ltd equipment for electric drives of oil and gas sectors industrial units

Sergey A. Lazarev Chuvash State University, “EKRA” Ltd Cheboksary, Russian Federation
We have reviewed various aspects of using soft starters and the variable frequency drive to automatize resource and energy saving industrial processes.
Materials and methods
Implementation experience. Experimental studies results processing.
Soft starter and variable frequency drivesystems with asynchronous and synchronous motors have been introduced as part of the automated control systems of JSC "Transneft" technological equipment.
While constructing automated process control systems for pump units it is feasible and functional to:
1. Use a drive soft starter and control performance by throttling the pipe with a gate valve in case the performanceadjustment range is small.
2. Use variable frequency drive of the pump unit in case the performance adjustment range of the pump unit is broad.
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