Mineralization of stratal waters of the neocomian aquifer complex of the Western Siberia field

Safiullin I.R., Garaeva N.V., Tsybin S.S., Valeeva E.Z., Shchutsky G.A., Miroshnichenko V.P.

DOI: 10.24412/2076-6785-2023-2-24-29

The waters of the neocomian aquifer complex, which includes the waters of the Achimov strata of the AS group of the deposit N, are characterized by a small number of deep samples with a significant spread of mineralization. Therefore, an additional analysis of wellhead samples of produced water was carried out, which showed that the initial sample was noisy due to mixing of formation water with process fluids injected into the formation and water of the waterflooding system. After screening out incorrect samples, the rest of the data indicates a weaker mineralization compared to the accepted one. This indicates the presence of uncertainty in the value of formation water salinity at this field and the need  for additional, better sampling of deep water samples.

Materials and methods
As a material for analysis, wellhead samples of produced water, the results of pore water analysis on a preserved core are used. Data processing is carried out by methods of mathematical statistics using the MATLAB software product.

mineralization, ionic composition, reservoir water, water samples, core, injectivity, produced water, fresh water, mathematical expectation