The throughput ability of shutoff and control valves

Ilĺgiz R. Chinjaev, Aleksandr V. Fominykh, Egor A. Poshivalov, Stanislav A. Sukhov

Calculations and experimental research of hydraulic properties of shutoff and controlvalve are presented. The throughput ability was defined based on test value at modular cluster pump station which is facility of "Bashneft- Dobycha" and in laboratory of MKT-ACDM.

gate valve flow resistance differential pressure pressure loss a course of a gate throughput ability

Valves for gas and oil supply

S.S. Savelyev

This article discusses the basic requirements for the fixture to be mounted on oil and gas pipelines.

pipeline pipeline fittings

Precessing transmission based gears for oil and gas machinery

V.N. Syzrantsev, Yu.G. Denisov, V.P. Vibe, D.S. Fedulov

The paper describes the gears of new generation for oil and gas pipelines valving based onprecessing transmission. Presented the kinematic and layout diagrams of this gears type. Their advantages in comparison with the existing designs are shown.

precessing transmission valves pipeline ball valve

Key Advantages of IEP for Factory Automation

Anastasia E. Babintseva

Design and high quality materials. For qualityToday the question of process automation is one of the most urgent in all areas of production. And, of course, the emerging trend is being sparedthe sphere of oil production and processing. This is due to the fact that this area specialists often work in places where human presence is dangerous to health protection, subject to the threat of explosions, difficult to access areas, aggressive environments, dusty field, vibrations, etc. Solution of such problems is the executive power mechanisms (IEP ), which provide complete auto mation and smooth operation processes. Electric Linear Actuators IEP designed for sustained move elements of machines, structures.

actuating MEP MEP-C process a

Operational parameters of valves for pipelines

Sergey S. Saveliev

This article describes the importance of selecting the correct operating parameters.

nominal pressure working pressure the technical reliability of pipeline systems

Stop valves: what to choose?

Anatoly G. Karpov, Natalya N. Shubenkina

There are different types shut-off valves. Each type was designed to solve aspecific operational tasks. However, there applications where possible to use any type of reinforcement. In this article we reviewed features choice of type valving which depending on operating conditions, thepros and cons, as well as limitations on their application.

valving valve ball valve butterfly valve

Valves for high-abrasive fluids

Sergey S. Saveliev

AbstractThis article concerns a brief review of valves for systems with fluids that include abrasive elements.

valves ball valves gate valves butterfly valves

Tender!!! What kind of emotions you have is this word?

In this article we have tried to draw attention to issues that arise from bidders in the preparation the competitive offers, to show organizers tender the look on the other hand to offer options to improve the preparation
of tender documentation, because this determines whether you or your staff to divert cases from the an endless stream of calls and letters to potential suppliers with a request to clarify the requirements. When the more fully
explained the task, more likely to get exactly what you need.
The current system forming applications for tenders in many enterprises is far from ideal and does not contribute to raising the technical level of production. Requires adjustment of approaches to the formation of queries and systems evaluation in procurement to minimize the potential of a negative impact of tenders on the promotion of the latest technical solutions for the to equip the productions.
If a consumer wants to buy quality goods on a tender basis, a formal approach to the formation an application is not valid. Only a complete, accurate and accurate information on future operating conditions of production will allow the customer to obtain the most appropriate technical solution to their tasks and conditions execution of the order (price
and terms). Priority such operating properties, as lifetime without service, working resource, in assessing proposals will allow the customer to purchase more quality product.

The study and application of manual plasma quenching

The efficiency of plasmaáhardening of various steelsáand of machine parts.
Materials and methods
Metallographic studiesáon friction tests, productionámonitoring
Installing UDGZ-200, developedáin 2002 provides an opportunityáto significantly expand the rangeáof hardened parts with an increaseáin their lifetime. Its use greatlyáincreases the service lifeáof parts of the hull, gear joints, crane wheels and rails,ádies. Implementation of this unitáUDGZ-200 does not require capital expenditures to modernizeá
production facilities.
Plasma hardening plant UDGZ-200 isárecommended for use in industry.

plasma hardening wear resistance

Who is to blame or what to do?

In this article we have tried to uncover all the problems that arise in the process of equipment selection for the design, repair and modernization of production facilities. Possible causes of failure of the set pipeline valves in the warranty period. Are some tips to improve the efficiency of processes of selection and use pipeline valves. Dealt with the question of selection of foreign-made pipeline valves. Recommendations are given on using consulting firms to ensure the proper selection of fittings. We have tried to uncover all the problems that arise in the process of equipment selection for the design new facilities, as well as for repair and modernization of existing facilities. To increase the effectiveness and safety facilities equipment manufacturers are used new design and technological developments that will ensure maximum adaptation to the specific operating conditions, to increase its efficiency. This equipment is highly specialized. To increase in the between-repairs period and production safety is extremely important that the equipment in industrial plants operated under conditions for which it is intended. High-quality equipment can serve absolutely not for long and do not meet the expectations of exploiting services, in the case of wrong selection or operation under the conditions (modes), inadequacy of this reinforcement. High-quality valves when properly selection and use significantly increases the efficiency, safety and reliability of production.

equipment selection valve of foreign production design repair and modernization industries

Problems with comparison of Russian and foreign standards for valve seat leakage

In this article is discussed the problems which can appear with conversion of information from one standards to another. For this article was used materials from GOST9544, ISO5208, ANSI FCA 70-2, DIN 3230, MSS SP-61, API598. There are given the recommendations for conversion of information from one standards to another. It's necessary to pay more attention to valve seat leakage and to standards which specify this question.

valves seat leakage GOST9544 ISO5208 ANSI FCA 70-2 DIN 3230 MSS SP-61 API598 ├╬ĐĎ9544

Buying expensive equipment error or good judgment?

Management of any company interested in reducing costs. You always want to save money, but it always turns out for the production of low-cost equipment fittings? This article presents the analysis of a small economic situation in the case of autoclave production, which we discussed in my previous article ôProblems of operation of autoclaves and the choice of structural materials for the manufacture of autoclave equipment manufacturesö.
Based on the working conditions of valves, pumps and pipelines, according to available statistics, manufacturers, made an assessment of their durability and the estimated cost, depending on the material from which the equipment is made.

base cost expenses losses profits