Comparative analysis of remote methods for diagnosing the technical condition of equipment based on the results of ultrasonic scanner tests

Alexey N. Krylov “SamaraNIPIneft” LLC Samara
Arseny M. Batishchev “SamaraNIPIneft” LLC Samara
Natalia V. Bondareva “SamaraNIPIneft” LLC Samara
DOI: 10.24411/2076-6785-2020-10099

The article presents the results of testing an ultrasonic scanner at technological and energy facilities. A comparative analysis of the results of technical diagnostics obtained from an ultrasonic, infrared and ultraviolet scanner is performed.

Materials and methods
Remote monitoring of technical condition of equipment, thermal methods, optical methods, acoustic methods.

ultrasonic scanner, infrared scanner, ultraviolet scanner, technical diagnostics, testing
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