Research of the influence of clays inhibitors on the rubber elastomer screw downhole motor

Anton V. Epikhin National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University Tomsk, Russian Federation
Konstantin M. Minaev National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University Tomsk, Russian Federation  
Artem V. Kovalev National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University Tomsk, Russian Federation  
Viktor V. Urnish National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University Tomsk, Russian Federation  
The scientific work is devoted to the influence of clay inhibitors on the geometric parameters of the rubber samples IRP-1226, which is one of the basic materials for the production of elastomers the screw downhole motors. The results of the effect of the four types of inhibitors used as a reagent for drilling fluids to increase the stability of clay rocks to the parameters of the rubber samples IRP-1226. It proved the effect of clay inhibitors and their concentration on the elastomer of screw downhole motors. A description of the processes occurring in the elastomer in the presence of various chemicals. Characterized by the possible impact of these processes on the technical characteristics of the engine. Application of the results will allow to develop a technique to improve the resource elastomers screw downhole motors.
Materials and methods
The samples of rubber IRP-1226 were research through total immersion in solutions ofclay inhibitors (concentration 10, 50 and 100%). Experiment duration was 480 hours. Experimental temperature - 25°C.
The results showed that the reagent sodium metasilicate and SNPCH-PKD is no significant change according to the size of the elastomer samples from the reagent concentration, while for the sulphonated asphalt and Stabilayt II, this dependence can be traced. The negative effect on elastomer inhibitors is becauseafter a long stay in the sample solution not only change their dimensions, but greatly soften and begin to delaminate. In addition, small concentrations of the inhibitors may have an adverse synergistic effect with other components of mud to PDM elastomer. The intensity and nature of the interaction of chemicals and samples of the elastomer maybe due to pH value of the medium arising in the preparation of inhibitors of the solution.
To assess the combined effect of inhibitors mud to elastomers of screw downhole motors proposed future directions of research:
• research of the effect of smallconcentrations of inhibitors (1, 2, 3%);
• evaluation of the synergistic negative effecton elastomers from inhibited drilling fluids;
• assessment of the effect of temperature on the processes occurring with the elastomer screw downhole motor in the presence of inhibitors or inhibited drilling fluids;
• evaluation of wear rate of change of the elastomer after being in solution inhibitors or inhibited clay muds.
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