Tectonic processes and stability of borehole walls during drilling

Parshukova L.A. parshukovala@tyuiu.ru Industrial University of Tyumen Tyumen
Deryabin A.V.
Nagorny I.A.
DOI: 10.24412/2076-6785-2023-2-33-37

The problems of preventing and eliminating complications and accidents during drilling and fixing wells related to the stability of the walls of wells are still very relevant. Despite the constant improvement of well construction techniques and technologies aimed at reducing time and material costs due to the complexity of geological and technical conditions of well wiring.

Materials and methods
Materials: actual data of drilling of an obliquely directional with a horizontal end of an operational well at a   С*** field.
Methods: theoretical study and analysis of the influence of tectonic deformations on the stability of the borehole during drilling, field data on the presence of a tectonic disturbance (fault) that caused the seizure of the drill string and subsequent rock shedding.

well drilling, tectonic deformations, borehole stability
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