Using dipole acoustic logging technology to refine the structure of the field

Yuriy V. Utochkin PITS Geophysics Perm, Russian Federation
A.I. Gubina PITS Geophysics Perm, Russian Federation  
AbstractThe paper considers the use of these instruments AVAK-11 to clarify the structure of the field from the data analysis of dipole probes. This direction is the most important in the exploration and production wells cased at the exploration stage and theinitial development of the field.
Materials and methods
Conducting research of equipment AVAK-11 in the downhole, data processing dipole probesby procedure Alford, getting azimuthal anisotropy, data analysis, together with data on profilemetriey and FMS.
The efficiency of these dipole probes to assess the direction of stretch recovery and stresses in the borehole.
Using broadband acoustic logging data, implemented in the apparatusAVAK-11, allows the design development process collectors, obtain information about the structure of the productive part of the field,helping to choose the system rationally organize and density grids production and injection wells.
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broadband acoustic logging dipole technology azimuthal anisotropy Alford rotation direction stress