Signature analysis of abrasive-resistant gas separators under conditions of field and bench test

Artem N. Musinskiy, Maksim O. Perel'man, Sergey N. Peshcherenko, Aleksey V. Den'gaev, Vladimir S. Verbitskiy

Methods of stimulating production by permeability increasing (due to fracturing and acidizing) and pressure drawdown (by lowering the bottom hole pressure in the well) are widely practiced. It can cause the significant increasing of mechanical impurities concentration in the producedfluid [1, 2]. Examples seem to indicate [3-5] that the particulates cause abrasion resistant breakage of the inner side of the separator. In these conditions the separator can be broken up into pieces and low immersible part of the centrifuge can fall on the borehole bottom. After studying the process of the abrasion resistant breakage [6, 7], the new design for abrasive resistance separator was developed [8]. Field test of new separators 5 5 in Western Siberia and results of bench test of separational properties are analyzed in the article.

gas separator abrasive resistance gas concentration field test

Packer for using in open-hole oil and gas wells for various geological and technical measures

Ilya S. Kopeikin, Alexander V. Lyagov, Arkady N. Zamaraev

In recent years, for the exploration and production drilling of wells and synthesized a variety of competitive packer and anchor system, made at a high technical level. However, it should be noted that not alltechnological problems packers work in an open wellbore and the associated complications and emergencies are fully resolved.This article describes the packer for the open hole. Packer design was developed based on the experience of existing domestic packer equipment for the open wellbore to take into account existing deficiencies in the analogues, as well as eliminate significant shortcomings in structures to ensure more reliable and durable operation of the equipment.

packer open hole downhole equipment test formations packer device

What is a "black oil facilities" in 2014

V.S. Klimenko

Fuel savings in production for many companies, one of the main tasks. The possible solutions are ready to tell their engineers Novosibirsk.

oil fuel burner heavy oil burner boiler