The Prospects of Developing and Exploring the Raw Hydrocarbons at the Venikhyartsk Oil and Gas Condensate Deposit

As of now, in the territory of Western Siberia, a huge number of small oil fields have been discovered and explored, whose development is hardly attractive from the economic point of view. The approach to the planning of the development of such deposits should involve their development as one single system with organized internal ties rather than stand-alone projects. In the context of this paper, we consider the northern area of the Tyumen region of the Western Siberian oil rich province which comprises about a dozen of key oil fields as well as the new Venikhyartsk Oil and Gas Condensate Deposit which is in the process of being prospected.
The work covers an area of approximately 10 000 square km, which is characterized by a low level of infrastructure development and relative difficulty of access.
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