Development of innovative thermo-chemical elements for cleaning tubing and bottom-hole formation zone

Yuri A. Belyaev AFT-Energo Moscow, Russian Federation
Victor S. Borozdin AFT-Energo Moscow, Russian Federation
The current trend of quality deterioration of the resource base in the oil industry is forcing oil companies to pay great attention to the development of new non-traditional methods of cleaning wells of asphaltene-resin-paraffin deposits (ARPD) and gas hydrates. Authors at the junction of sciences of chemistry and physics developed innovative high-performance thermo-chemical elements which have a large heat capacity and chemical potential, which allows you to clean wells (including shut-in well) and bottom-hole formation zone of ARPD and gas hydrates.
Materials and methods
As materials reagents were taken elements of the 1-2-3 group of the periodic table. Methods for the manufacture of thermochemical elements are pressing followed by isolation of the foil. Research methods are laboratory and field tests.
Created innovative thermochemical elements such as "Chemitherm" which allow quickly and effectively clean the wells (including the shut-in well) and bottomhole formation zone of ARPD and gas hydrates.
Competent application of thermo-chemical elements will enhance not only the productivity of the wells and the ratio of reservoir performance, but also production standards.
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oil tubing bottom-hole formation zone thermochemical elements oil pool MEOR asfaltenes resins paraffins