Experimental modelling of the life-cycle of reservoir hydrocarbon system during depletion of an oil-gas-condensate reservoir (on the example of Vuktyl OGCF)

Skibitskaya Natalia A. Ph.D., head of lab OGRI RAS skibitchka@mail.ru
Volkov Andrey N. Ph.D., head of department Ukhta branch of the LLC “Gazprom VNIIGAZ” a.volkov@sng.vniigaz.gazprom.ru
Latyshev Aleksandr A. Ph.D., deputy head of department Ukhta branch of the LLC “Gazprom VNIIGAZ” a.latyshev@sng.vniigaz.gazprom.ru
Indrupskiy Ilya M. Sc.D., head of lab OGRI RAS i-ind@ipng.ru
Popov Andrey A. leading engineer Ukhta branch of the LLC “Gazprom VNIIGAZ” a.popov@sng.vniigaz.gazprom.ru
Kuzmin Vladimir A. Ph.D., leading researcher OGRI RAS kuzminva@mail.ru
Bolshakov Mikhail N. Ph.D., senior researcher OGRI RAS rgu2006@mail.ru
DOI: 10.24411/2076-6785-2019-10027

Liquid hydrocarbons (LHC - oil and retrograde condensate) are shown to be located in dynamic, open to flow part of pore volume in gas-saturated productive formations of gas-condensate and oil- gas-condensate fields (GCFs and OGCFs). Justification and experimental (physical) modelling of LHC recovery techniques from gas-saturated formations of GCFs and OGCFs at late development stages are shown to be reasonable because of large LHC resources and need for enhancement of HC-components recovery, as well as elongation of HCs production. Experience is presented and methodology is justified for experimental modelling of a HC system life-cycle at Vuktyl OGCF during the depletion period. On a reservoir core model, fluid saturation corresponding to the initial state of the Vuktyl reservoir system was reconstructed, including LHC (reservoir oil), and modelling of depletion to the current thermobaric conditions and fluid saturation of the reservoir system was performed. The total mass of LHC in the core model (reservoir oil and retrograde condensate) was assessed which can be further used to calculate LHC recovery factors in experimental modelling of LHC recovery techniques at late stages of Vuktyl field development.
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