Identification of the undercompensation zones based on analysis of production and injection volumes in the operating well stock

Denisov Oleg V. deputy head of department Bussiness Service Center PJSC Tatneft
Girfanov Ruslan G. head of department Bussiness Service Center PJSC Tatneft
DOI: 10.24411/2076-6785-2019-10026

The article describes one of the solutions of undercompensation zones identifying issue on the multilayer objects. The solution is based on the construction of a simplified geological model of each layer with unknown resistances between the blocks of the model.The optimization issue of the fluid volumes distribution for identifiable resistances on single and multilayer objects is solved, by analogy with the redistribution of the electric potential in electrostatics.On the basis of developed solution, maps of the injection undercompensation wereconstructed for Minnibaevskaya area and the 3rd block of Berezovskaya area.
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