Thermodynamic modeling to assess the efficiency of liquid hydrocarbon recovery on the example of the Vuktylskoye oil-gas-condensate field

Olga A. Lobanova Ph.D., scientific researcher OGRI RAS
Ilya M. Indrupskiy Sc.D., head of lab OGRI RAS
Natalya A. Skibitskaya Ph.D., head of lab OGRI RAS
Viktor A. Kryuchkov senior researcher OGRI RAS
The article considers the possibility of increasing the production of liquid hydrocarbons (oil and retrograde condensate) from a depleted oil-gas-condensate deposit on the example of Vuktylskoye oil-gas-condensate field. Increased production can be achieved by injection of a mixture of propane-butane fraction and reservoir gas or dry gas. The results of estimating production volumes of liquid hydrocarbons due to evaporation into the vapor phase during injection of dry gas and reservoir gas, both pure or enriched with propane-butane fraction in various concentrations, are presented. The minimum miscibility pressure is calculated for injection of dry gas enriched with the propanebutane fraction.

DOI: 10.24411/2076-6785-2019-10059
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