Improving the efficiency of oilfield equipment

Lenar . Akhmetzyanov chief mechanic Oil and Gas Production Department Almetyevneft PJSC Tatneft
PJSC Tatneft implements a program to optimize production and reduce its own costs. Reducing the cost of operating onshore oilfield equipment is one of the most important tasks in the framework of the designated program. This article discusses technical solutions aimed at optimizing production processes in the field of exploitation of oilfield equipment.
In the process of a mechanized method of oil production by sucker-rod pumping units, there are a number of technical problems that have a serious impact on the efficiency of operation of the production stock of wells and, in general, on the volume of oil production. Such problems should include:
1) the imperfection of the existing valve designs for bleeding gases from the annular space of oil wells through tubing to the wellhead fittings, 2) the lack of the possibility of technological studies to measure the degree of congestion of SHGN ground drives equipped with a rotator, 3) intensive wear of stuffing boxes due to damage to the working surface polished stock.

DOI: 10.24411/2076-6785-2019-10061
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