Assessment of polymer adsorption for the conditions of Russian field PK formations

Lapin K.G. Tyumen petroleum research center LLC Tyumen
Toropov K.V. NK Rosneft PJSC Moscow
Volgin E.R. NK Rosneft PJSC Moscow
Byazrov R.R. PM Group LLC St. Petersburg
Galimov V.V. PM Group LLC St. Petersburg
Lagutina M.A. PM Group LLC St. Petersburg
DOI: 10.24412/2076-6785-2022-2-60-64

The increase in the share of hard-to-recover reserves makes it relevant to introduce physico-chemical methods of increasing oil recovery. Polymer flooding is a promising method. One of the factors influencing the success of this technology is the retention (adsorption) of the polymer in a porous medium. At a high value of adsorption, there is an intense loss of viscosity of the injected composition, colmatation of the downhole region of the formation is possible. It is necessary to select compositions characterized by acceptable retention values in the reservoir of a particular deposit. The article provides an example of the assessment of adsorption, including the influence of various factors on its magnitude.

Materials and methods
Laboratory tests were carried out according to the guidelines of the Institute Hyprovostokneft [14] and of the American Petroleum Institute [15]. All stages of preparation of reservoir models and fluids for research are based on OST 39-195-86 Oil. Method for determining the oil displacement coefficient by water in laboratory conditions.

adsorption, concentration, polymer, temperature

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