utonomous inflow control devices usage experience

Ziuzev E.S. eszyuzev@tnnc.rosneft.ru Tyumen petroleum research center LLC Tyumen
Davydov A.A. Tyumen petroleum research center LLC Tyumen
Oparin I.A. Taas-Yuryakh neftegazodobycha LLC Irkutsk
Malofeev M.V. Taas-Yuryakh neftegazodobycha LLC Irkutsk
Kornilov E.Y. Taas-Yuryakh neftegazodobycha LLC Irkutsk
DOI: 10.24412/2076-6785-2023-1-36-40

Currently, in the Eastern Siberia oil fields, in the conditions of infrastructural restrictions, the simultaneously produced gas utilization problem, as well as breakthrough of gas caps extracted during the oil rims development, is acute. One of the ways to limit gas production during the oil rims development is the autonomous monitoring devices (AICD) usage at the completion of the well. At the Srednebotuobinskoye field, located in Eastern Siberia, successful work was carried out on the autonomous inflow control devices usage and full-scale replication began as part of the thin oil rim development of the Botuobin horizon.

Materials and methods
As part of the pilot project, 4 wells with AICD were implemented. Based on the results, full-scale replication has begun. For the completion design, a tool has been developed for arranging the amount of AICD
in each segment of the well, depending on the geological and technological conditions.

autonomous inflow control device, AICD, cone formation, gas breakthrough, gas factor, accumulated oil production, Eastern Siberia, Botuobinsky horizon
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