The utilization of composition with spurt loss for control absorptions during killing wells in low-temperature terrigenous reservoirs in Eastern Siberia

Nikulin V.Yu. “RN-BashNIPIneft” Ufa
Britov E.V. “VCNG” JSC Irkutsk
Mukminov R.R. “RN-BashNIPIneft” Ufa
Shangin A.V. “VCNG” JSC Irkutsk
Khokhlov D.I. “VCNG” JSC Irkutsk
DOI: 10.24412/2076-6785-2023-1-76-80

The article considers the peculiarities of well killing in the conditions of terrigenous high-permeability reservoirs, typical for Eastern Siberia in the example of formation VCh 1–2 of Verkhnechonskoye oil-gas-condensate field are described. Studies of the instantaneous filtration composition for the purpose of controlling absorptions during well killing and field tests of the technology were carried out. The results testify to promising application of compositions with spurt lossfor killing wells in complicated conditions, exploiting terrigenous reservoirs of Eastern Siberia.

Materials and methods
Analysis of the application of killing technologies with bottom-hole zone blocking in the Verkhnechonsk oil and gas condensate field. Substantiation of a choice of the new technology on the basis of the world experience. Physico-chemical and filtration studies of the new composition in the conditions of the considered object. Analysis of the results of field testing of the considered technology on the well.

well killing, abnormally low reservoir pressure, low temperature, fluid loss, blocking compounds, composition with spurt loss, Eastern Siberia
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