Offshore Arctic hydrocarbon deposits. The Architectures optimization of production facilities to design subsea systems

Beskhizhko Yu.V. Morneftegazproject LLC Moscow
Ermakov A.I. Gubkin University Moscow
Beskhizhko V.V.
DOI: 10.24412/2076-6785-2023-2-44-47

Offshore Arctic hydrocarbon fields development in the Russian Federation using subsea production systems is determined by a wide range of different factors.
It is proposed to consider the architecture of the field development as a 3D model with extended and concentrated objects, including wells, subsea completion of wells, pipelines and other elements of the subsea production systems.
The necessity and possibility of using optimization approaches for designing the architecture of a hydrocarbon deposit subsea development in arctic conditions is shown.
The practical implementation of the method for searching for the optimal architecture of the development of the Arctic field for the generalized case field with several deposits is performed on the basis of a previously developed search algorithm on a 3D model for the optimal configuration of subsea production systems and wells between two points based on the Bellman-Ford optimality principle and the Lee algorithm.

Materials and methods
The experience of the Russian Federation in the optimal design of linearly extended objects and the analysis of arctic conditions. Existing methods of optimization of trunk pipelines.

subsea production systems, optimization, development, Arctic
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