Experimental researches the influence of metal bundles on the pipelines functionality

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The article presents the results of full scale tests, in which studied the influence of metal pipe bundles on the pipelines functionality. It is shown, that in case the influence of non-design loads on oil and gas pipelines, as well as when the genesis of metal bundles is caused by the degradation of metal properties, such defects can have a negative impact on the resistance of the pipeline to destruction.
Materials and methods
Researches were undertaken on gas pipes of different diameters. A special stand was made for loading pipes by the combined influence of internal pressure and torsion. To assess the bearing capacity of pipe with bundles, was made a pipe lash. For laboratory studies of metal pipes was performed electron microscopy.
The combined eff of internal pressure and torsion loads led to increase the bundle size in pipe. The bearing capacity of pipe with bundles was lower than calculated due to detection traces of aging in metal, which led to a drop in its performance properties.
When assessing the risk of bundles, it is necessary to take into account the eff of the entire spectrum of loads on the pipeline, as well as the genesis of these defects
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