Research of the work of the horizontal system of temperature stabilization of ground soils tube type in tube (GTT)

Grigoriy M. Dolgikh Ph.D., general director NPO Fundamentstroyarkos LLC, Tyumen, Russia
Sergey N. Okunev Ph.D., chief engineer NPO Fundamentstroyarkos LLC, Tyumen, Russia
DOI: 10.24411/2076-6785-2019-10050

The article assesses the efficiency of the GTT system (horizontal pipe in the pipe) at different positions of the cooling pipes with a closed end (TOZK). Within the framework of studies tests were carried out at three positions of the TOZK: horizontal, slightly inclined (their far end is lowered by 0.5 m) and anti-inclined (their far end is raised by 0.5 m), at various thermal loads.

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