Computed radiography: equipment and standards

Kirill A. Bagaev Newcom-NDT LLC St.-Petersburg, Russian Federation
Gennady A. Melkanovich Newcom-NDT LLC St.-Petersburg, Russian Federation
This article provides an overview of modern technology in computed radiography. The technical features, application specific devices, their advantages and disadvantages were specified. Article also includes the description of the latest model of "Duerr NDT" HD CR 35 scanner. The technical innovations that improve the quality of images and facilitate the work of radiographers were outlined. There is also a review of existing international, European and American standards for computed radiography and the conclusions of the. The conclusions about the applicability of these standards in Russia were performed.
Materials and methods
Computed radiography systems from various manufacturers were observed. Most attention was paid to the new model of Duerr HD CR 35 scanner.
The technical characteristics of computed radiography systems were compared. The review of foreign CR standards was performed.
1. It is important to use independent expert conclusions while choosing CR system. The BAM institute of Metal is one of the most respectable ones. 2. Computed radiography is used abroad for much longer time than in Russia. There have been developed and adopted relevant standards. It seems, that Russia needs the immediate implementation of the CR standard, which should be based on international standards. This greatly simplifies the use of technology adopted by the Russian NDT community.
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стандарт ISO/FDIS 17636-2 ГОСТ 7512-82 computed radiography imaging plates the standard ISO FDIS 17636-2 GOST 7512-82