Digital Radiography System "KARAT" and its application for certification of welders "Gazprom" JSC

Kirill A. Bagaev Newcom-NDT, LLC Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
Andrey N. Varlamov office of emergency restoration of the Gazprom Transgaz Ltd Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
The article describes the X-ray television complex "KARAT" developed by Newcom- NDT, LLC. This complex has been successfully applied in September 2013 at the All-Russian competition of welders "Gazprom" JSC. Describe the technical solutions used in the manufacture of complex, software described. The information on the present sensitivity and performance monitoring.
Complex "KARAT" has proven itself in the national contest of welders "Gazprom" JSC. First all the coils were monitored using a digital technique, without using redundant control film. The sensitivity was 0.1 mm in the control sites with radiation thickness of 12 mm. The equipment can be further successfully applied for the purposes of paragraph attestation of welders. Time control with the use of "KARAT" was several times smaller when compared with the previous competitions welders, which was used for the control of radiographic film. We present statistics on the performance of control. 14 tubes of 530 mm diameter were monitored for 1 hour 40 minutes, i.e. an average of about 7 minutes on the workpiece. This time included the delivery of QA to the cockpit of the weld, the loading on the arm with a hoist, trolley checkin booth, the dimensional zone, closing the cockpit, moving the detector from the wall to the UC -control loop of the ring junction, exit the cab truck with OK, OK with unloading manipulator and its delivery to the place of temporary storage. While monitoring the integration will be applied to 200 frames per image, ie directly cycle control ring interface took about 1 minute 15 seconds.14 pipe diameters of 159 mm were monitored for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Reducing the control due to the fact that the coil of small diameter do not require the use of loading hoist and installed manually in the cockpit.
Digital technologies are increasingly being used for radiation monitoring of various products. A new generation of young radiographers is well-versed in digital technologies and are therefore much more interesting and challenging to work with this equipment. They want to work with her. They need help.To date, no national standards for the digital technology is very slow implementation. GOST 7512-82 for more than 30 years, and this is the main document for radiography. And he clearly does not meet the modern methods and objectives.In this issue, we are far behind other countries, where there is a developed system of standards [3] for the X-ray control method using digital technology. To be right at the first stage borrow provisions and requirements of international standards, as has been done in Ukraine in particular. Otherwise, our lag in technology will increasingly grow. This is already affecting the performance and quality of nondestructive testing.
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