Measuring equipment

Oil wells data collection with IM2300 controller using Lora technology

Oshchepkov A.Yu., Karpov S.B., Lopaev V.S.

DOI: 10.24411/2076-6785-2020-10121

The overview of receiving data from the controller IM2300 using LPWAN networks is considered. The paper view an example of using Lora technology and developed software for the use of IM2300 in Lora networks: reading channel
readings by different consumers.

Materials and methods
Controller IM2300, Vega SI-13, Lora, F #, Microsoft Orleans.

industrial internet, LPWAN, Lora, IM2300 controller

Clarification of diagnostics criteria for complex gas treatment plant equipment

Andrey A. Matsibora, Rustem R. Gareev

DOI: 10.24411/2076-6785-2019-10036

Optimizing the applied systems of technical maintenance and repair of the equipment is of current concern for many companies. It involves switching to condition based maintenance, which is possible, if methods, means, and depth of the equipment diagnostic are determined clearly. The suggested monitoring system for the mean-square value of vibration velocity based on the s pecified rates of vibration for rotary equipment is an initi al phase of implementing the condition based maintenance, though it is sufficient.


Non-contact system for measuring the thickness of paraffi deposits in downhole equipment and oil pipelines

Alexandra V. Kopteva, Vladimir Yu. Koptev

The article describes the problem of low efficiency of existing techniques for locating and measuring the thickness of paraffin, gums and salts deposits on the inner surface of the pipeline and submersible equipment that have been colloidally dissolved in the transported oil stream. A method based on radioisotope radiation with high efficiency, reliability, durability, ease of maintenance and easy interchangeability of the main components of the system is proposed for the control of deposits. The method allows to detect and measure the thickness of deposits in a non-contact way in a real time mode in a timely manner in order to make a further decision on choosing the most effective technique for their elimination.

radioisotope radiation paraffin oil pipeline radiation intensity high viscosity oil

Measurement and regulation of process parameters in industry

Michail V. Bogush, Oleg V. Zatserklyannyy, Oleg V. Shatunovskiy

Scientific and production enterprise Piezoelectric LLC was established in 1992 on the foundation of Piezopribor SDB of the Rostov State University, which for 40 years has been the main developer and supplier of piezoelectric transducers for mechanic engineering, navy, rocket and space equipment for the country.

Water-cut log of natural gas - new capabilities. Russian laser hygrometer

Valeriy N. Boykov, Oleg B. Vyskubenko, Vladimir M. Karuk, Ivan V. Morozov

The article describes the problem of humidity logging, using existing types of hygrometers, if there are inclusions in natural gas. As it was noted, there are no ways of solution, concerning with inclusions, that form regular solutions, including methanol.The founded alternative - is the laser hygrometer GL-02, which is based on the laser spectroscopy. GL-02 logs thehumidity by extinction of light at a certain wave length, corresponding to one of the lines of water molecules absorption spectrum. According to the principleof its operation process, the device is considered to be the standard of humidity content. The quantity of water molecules - is the primary measurable quantity in gas volume. GL-02 can solve the main problem of natural gas water-cut log - the effect of inclusions, including methanol and glycols. The device registers only water.

water-cut log humidity dew point temperature natural gas laser spectroscopy measurable system

The development of informational and analytical system for wells monitoring and control (for Almetyevneft Oil and Gas Production Department)

Oleg .V. Denisov, Ruslan G. Girfanov, Alexandra V. Kuzmina

The article describes basic directions of the development and implementation of informational and analytical system of wells monitoring and control for Almetyevneft Oil and Gas Production Department.The approaches for evaluation of the wells interference on the basis of telemetry data analysis (identification of parameters fora simplified system of material balance equations, neural-network analysis) are presented, the using of the neural network method in the implementation of the non-stationary flooding is proposed, the block-diagram of system is shown. The article gives the method to localize sections with greatest hydrodynamic connection and demonstrates the use of computer-aided analysis of data in the problem of setting of well behavior.

information system oil and gas field management wells interference non-stationary water-flooding

Monitoring of technological processes in petrochemical plants

Mikhail Miroshkin

Accurate temperature measurement is an important challenge for the specialists in enterprises around the world. Typically, temperature sensors are used to measure and control the temperature at the local point of process. But in modern enterprises, especially in the petrochemical industry for accurate process monitoring there is a problem of temperature control and read out from multiple reference points at the same time.

temperature temperature measurements multi-zone temperature sensors hermocouple tran

Measurement of water cut at the wellhead

Denis Y. Samoilov, Vladimir V. Samoilov, Oleg P. Zhdanov, Arslan V. Nasybullin

The article describes the development of the water cut measuring device installed on the wellhead. Results of experimental-industrial tests of the developed water cut measuring device in the oil companies.

measurement of water cut dynamics of change of water cut non-stationary well operation

Review of mass flow measurement methods

Valery V. Kortiashvili, E.I. Krakhmalev

The article describes the basic principles for determining the mass flow rate by modern flow measurement devices. It were proposed the comparison of methods on the example of a vortex flowmeter, mass flowmeter,hot-wire flowmeter on the experience of the using in different enviroments. Basic principles to flowmeter selection were listed. Also were revealed main advantages thatcan be obtained by using the particular type of devices and were named most importantfactors to making a choice of instruments.

mass flowmeter flowmeter coriolis flowmete

About paradoxes of electromagnetic flowmeters

Alexandr Yu. Oshchepkov, Konstantin S. Turuntsev

Electromagnetic flowmeters with a transverse magnetic field and into contact with the medium (EMF) are simple in design, reliable, and relatively no expensive, they are widely used in modern industry, including the oil industry. Analytical solution of the magnetohydrodynamic equations and computer simulation allow a deeper understanding of the physicalprinciples of working EMF and to assess the role of factors influencing the accuracy of measurements.

magnetic hydrodynamics electrical conductivity electromagnetic flowmeter induction flowmeter accuracy of measurements

Concerns and aspects of import substitution

Valerij V. Kortiashvili

The article briefly discussed the main groups of reasons hindering import substitution asin the current situation (defined by foreign policy factors), and under normal situationof the Russian market. It were suggested the prompt actions to overcome barriers during the import substitution and provide conditions for mutually beneficial business between Russian producers and consumers.

Advantages of using digital signal processing using a spectral analysis in vortex flowmeters

Valeriy V. Kortiashvili, Evgeniy V. Kostarev, Evgeniy I. Krahmalev

The article describes the basic principles for determining the flow of modern software and hardware flow measurement. A structure, the method of processing the digitized signal from the primary sensor on the example of avortex flowmeter. The main advantages which can be obtained through digital processing, mathematical algorithms shown to significantly improve the qualitative characteristics of the flowmeter.

Development and application of measuring complex to account for viscous oil

Ravil N. Akhmadiev, Azat F. Shigapov, Rafis R. Kazihanov

In 2005 JSC "Tatneft" program was adopted to develop the reserves of heavy oil and natural bitumen. This was due to the fact that the oil fields of Tatarstan are at alate stage of development. This stage is characterized by a gradual deteriorationin the quality of oil, trudnoizvlekaemostyu remaining reserves. Most newly commis-sioned fields have complex geological structure, they occur in low permeability reservoirs.

SGD heavy viscous oil scavenger deposit SAGD technology

Misconception about IP

I. Gor Madoyan

The article discusses the ingress protection (IP) drives. For some manufacturers is a sensitive issue, because very often reject their requests toparticipate competitions,only because in the TOR, Design Institute directly or prescribed equipment customers with a degree of ingress protection IP67 or IP68. Sometimes there are suchabsurd situations when in the same room, at the levelabove zero in the main equipment ingress protection IP44, electric and require protection IP67, IP68.

Mechanical electrocontact (signaling) gauges in explosion-proof membranes

Mihail Ju. Mulev

This paper deals with electric contact (signaling) mechanical gauges and Head-Ex. Presented elektrokontaknye manometers in flameproof operating between 2.5 kPa and having a space-saving design. Electrocontact group performed on the basis of the microswitches.Methods are described for improving the reliability of signaling groups, as well as new designs shells flameproof pressure instrument.

pressure measurement contact manometer explosion small pressure flameproof enclosure microswitch

Sensor selection for temperature measurement

Mikhail V. Miroshkin

Proper and accurate temperature measurement today is important subject in production functioning and development of society. All technological processes require accurate measurements, and for the chemical and petroleum industry, control for reactions and process automation with all temperature regimes has the most important role. Thereforethe correct choice of temperature sensor, largely determines the validity of the results. Aricle gives an introduction about the basic types and characteristics of thermocouples.

temperature measurement sensor selection temperature thermocouple

The results of experienced operational testingof converters hydrostatic pressure Sapphire-22-MP-VN-DG applied for measurement of mass flow corrosion inhibitor

Thomas T. Nigamatzyanov, Valery V. Askerkov, Sergey G. Lebedev, Rustem R. Salimullin, Alexander A. Yevseyev, Ramil R. Kurbangaliev, Rezeda G. Gaisina

The article considers the results of experienced operational tests before and after theconstructive developments converters hydrostatic pressure Sapphire-22-MP-VN-DG installed on the tanks filling installations which are used for the measurement of mass flow corrosion inhibitor supplied in oilfield equipment.

transmitter of the hydrostatic pressure sensor mass flow corr

Axial RUST valves of a series 900

Aleksey V. Sumbaev

This paper describes the design and function of the axial valve RUST,advantages and special versions

Axial RUST valves of a series 900 axial valves axial valve design special designs