Development and application of measuring complex to account for viscous oil

Ravil N. Akhmadiev NGDU Nurlatneft, Tatneft Nurlat, Russian Federation  
Azat F. Shigapov NGDU Nurlatneft, Tatneft Nurlat, Russian Federation  
Rafis R. Kazihanov Tatneft Almetyevsk, Russian Federation  
In 2005 JSC "Tatneft" program was adopted to develop the reserves of heavy oil and natural bitumen. This was due to the fact that the oil fields of Tatarstan are at alate stage of development. This stage is characterized by a gradual deteriorationin the quality of oil, trudnoizvlekaemostyu remaining reserves. Most newly commis-sioned fields have complex geological structure, they occur in low permeability reservoirs.
Application of this measurement system of solved the problem by measuring the produced fluid Ashalchinskoye viscous oil and similar equipment already fitted with 21 production wells.
It should be noted that the inclusion of heavy oil can not only efficiently lead the development of this type of hydrocarbon raw material stocks in the country are enormous- from 2 to 7 billion tonnes according to various estimates, and in Russia about 50 billion tons [4]. But also receive government support measures, such as zero severance tax (tax on extraction of natural resources)and reducing to 10% export tax, which brings the level of profitability of production of heavy oil.
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