About paradoxes of electromagnetic flowmeters

Alexandr Yu. Oshchepkov Mayak Perm, Russian Federation Aos57@mail.ru
Konstantin S. Turuntsev Perm State University Perm, Russian Federation const89@yandex.ua
Electromagnetic flowmeters with a transverse magnetic field and into contact with the medium (EMF) are simple in design, reliable, and relatively no expensive, they are widely used in modern industry, including the oil industry. Analytical solution of the magnetohydrodynamic equations and computer simulation allow a deeper understanding of the physicalprinciples of working EMF and to assess the role of factors influencing the accuracy of measurements.
Materials and methods
Studies were carried out using analytical solutions of MHD-equations and computer simulation.
The maximum values of the electric conductivity of the liquid in which ensure a predetermined flow measurement accuracy are estimated, the requirements to the form stream and to symmetry of the magnetic field are determined and the conditions for their execution are given.
The results presented here allow experts to the oil industry to take a fresh look at the work of EMF and possibly expand the scope of their application in their industry.
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