Non-contact system for measuring the thickness of paraffi deposits in downhole equipment and oil pipelines

Alexandra V. Kopteva Saint-Petersburg Mining University Saint-Petersburg
Vladimir Yu. Koptev Saint-Petersburg Mining University Saint-Petersburg
The article describes the problem of low efficiency of existing techniques for locating and measuring the thickness of paraffin, gums and salts deposits on the inner surface of the pipeline and submersible equipment that have been colloidally dissolved in the transported oil stream. A method based on radioisotope radiation with high efficiency, reliability, durability, ease of maintenance and easy interchangeability of the main components of the system is proposed for the control of deposits. The method allows to detect and measure the thickness of deposits in a non-contact way in a real time mode in a timely manner in order to make a further decision on choosing the most effective technique for their elimination.
Materials and methods
Based on absorption of the radioisotope photoelectron emission medium developed a method of measuring the thickness of paraffin deposits during the transportation of oil.
The necessity of timely detection of paraffi deposits during transportation of high-viscosity oil was proved, a technique for eff e measurement of deposition thickness based on radioisotope radiation was proposed, and the main results of laboratory studies were described.
The radioisotope method has a high efficiency and is able to measure the thickness of paraffin deposits without introduction into the transported oil stream. The proposed method has a great penetrating power, easy complete or partial interchangeability of the main units of the installation, a simple technique that determines its main advantages in comparison with existing methods. With the help of the developed measuring system, it is possible to measure the thickness of paraffin deposits with an absolute error of ± 5 mm, which is a sufficient condition for ensuring reliable operation of the pipeline system.
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radioisotope radiation paraffin oil pipeline radiation intensity high viscosity oil