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Measurement of the parameters of cables for intrinsically safe Fieldbus (FISCO). Non-destructive control of cables of arbitrary length

Dmitry V. Khvostov, Andrey V. Kocherov

Electrical parameters of the cables of intrinsically safe Fieldbus (FISCO), the primary parameters of the cables, to methods of measurement were researched by authors. It is established that measurements of the inductance of the cables should be performed on the sample with a length of 100 m. This restriction eliminates the possibility of nondestructive testing of cable products. The error of the traditional method of measuring the primary parameters was analyzed. The proposed factors of restoration of the true values of inductance and capacitance on the measurement results of samples with lengths greater than 100 m. Presents formulas allowing defining the parameters of the cables of arbitrary length. In article were demonstrate the results of practical measurements of the cables.

FISCO RLC- AnCom A-7 intrinsically safe Fieldbus parametersof

Requirements to fire safety to cables used on fire and explosion productions

Yuriy P. Minovsky, Dmitry V. Khvostov, V.V. Bychkov, Yu. D. Dmitriev

Federal norms and regulations on industrial security for fire and explosion facility were analyzed. Retrospective on improvement the construction of electric cable to fire safety compliance is given. It is revealed an undervaluation of electric cable specific used on fire and explosion productions. So was proposed to Rostechnadzor develop and enact the inter-sectoral instruction on application the fire safety electrical cable constructions on fire and explosion productions.

regulations of industrial safety low fire hazard cable fireproof cable

The water influence onto a hydroscopick filler cable properties

D.V. Khvostov, E.M. Vishnyakov

There are water influence onto same electric parameters of a cable with a hydroscopick filler is in investigations with a high precision methods, designed in SIMPEC. It is confirmed the reason to forbid such fillers using, as ordered in standard IEC 60079-14-2011 (Explosive atmos-pheres-part 14: Electrical installation desine, selection an erectin (IDT)).

electric cable a superabsorbent polymer water blocking elements m

Cables for intrinsically safe fieldbus (FISCO). To harmonization requirements

Dmitry V. Khvostov, A.V. Kocherov

Currently, design, Assembly and construction of industrial enterprises are increasingly carried out by domestic self-regulating organizations with the application of domestic equipment and components.

measurement cables inductance capacitance resistance intrinsically safe e

Is it worth to hang a leg

Alexander Ermakov

SPC "Sim-Ross" almost through out its existence based its work so as to supply the market with new products that best meet the spirit of the time. It is because of this style of SPC "Sim-Ross" in the head of his priorities puts communication with developers,and during which there is an exchange of information on new technologies and trends in the production of wires and cables. Wasno exception, and the family of the cables in the isolation of the EPR, presented by the company in the market under the trade brand CREOLON.

cable insulated with ethylene propylene rubber CREOLON