Utilization of fulfilled catalysts to reduce ecological hazards during isolation materials production

Alim F. Kemalov Kazan Federal University Kazan, Russian Federation kemalov@mail.ru
Ruslan A. Kemalov Kazan Federal University Kazan, Russian Federation kemalov.ruslan@gmail.com
Results of researches on passivation by IM-2201 and to use as a part of insulating materials are given further.
Materials and methods
Physic mechanical properties of bituminous insulating materials, catalysis, ecological monitoring, utulization, insulating materials, pipe-line.
The obtained data testify that the carried-out accelerated tests of electrochemical process at pigmented BIM cathodic reaction of ionization of metal over the anode prevails. It is confirmedby that values of density of current are in positive area that will lead to increase in speed of corrosion. As an explanation of the received results of researches can serve that fact thatthe film-forming system of pigmented BIM is a strong oxidizer owing to the high contentof powder IM 2201. Thus, it is necessary to conclude about additional modification of film- forming material inhibitors of anti-oxidizing character which application will allow to avoid further oxidizing activity.
In this work a variety of the applied fillers asa part of BIM is caused by the solution of twomain objectives:1) possibilities of use of the filled BIM in various climatic conditions and mechanical loadings;2) need of decorative registration of the painted surfaces. So modifying of BIM along with increase of optical properties of coverings leads to increase in the isolating ability, the internal tension, the elasticity module, and also adhesive and strength properties.
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