Utilization of used car tyres by using mobile unit

Tatyana V. Nevalenova SPC Uralpromtechno, International Academy of Management Ufa, Russian Federation uptufa@mail.ru
This article describes an innovative utilization technology of used car tyres.
Materials and methods
Rules and regulations.
Utilization of used car tyres by Uralpromtechnotechnology has economic benefits.
1. The car tyre utilization program also can be realized in remote territories.
2. Reducing financial and time costs for design and survey work, installation and construction work in comparison with stationary waste-recycling plants.
3. That type of production does not needelectrical, water and sewerage systems.
4. Environmental production because there are no polluting emissions, wash-offs.
5. The production is safe because there are no thermal, chemical and radiation treatments.
6. The utilization of used tyres in place of them accumulation.
7. The fine powder could use in car tyres production, rubber goods, rubber bitumen materials to constructions of road and waterproofing works, and as an oil products sorbent to elimination of emergency.
Utilization of used car tyres by our mobile unit is unique because:
1. Today Uralpromtechno is the only providerof service to utilization of used car tyres in place them accumulation. At Russian market does not exist the similar service.
2. That technology is the best of achievable technologies.
3. Our technology could use in places with no infrastructure.
4. The technology is profitable for client. There no transport costs and environmental risk is minimal.
5. Complex approach to solve the tyres accumulation problem.
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