A method of autonomous dosing of chemicals in the absence of developed infrastructure

Aleksandr V. Severiukhin LLC «Izhevsk crane plant» Izhevsk ti_37@mail.ru
Aleksandr N. Blyablyas JSC «Izhevsk Oil Research Center» Izhevsk Sas5939@yandex.ru
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Despite the constant development of technologies, alternative methods of protection and chemicalization of all production processes, internal corrosion of pipelines remains a key problem for the management of pipeline operation of all oil-producing organizations. The authors developed an Autonomous device for constant supply of the required volume of concentrated reagent in the pipeline, without reference to infrastructure, roads and power lines. The main market segment for the developed device-areas with lack of infrastructure, lack of power lines and access roads, as well as during seasonal off-road.
Materials and methods
By means of computer-aided design ANSYS and ASPEN Hysys was performed hydraulic calculation of the device, calculated pressure drops and the rate of supply of the reagent from the container. To check the performance of the theory of the authors was designed test stand, conducted laboratory and field tests to measure the rate of flow of the chemical reagent.
Laboratory tests have shown positive results on the monitored parameters: the removal of the reagent was carried out evenly and stably, with the possibility of more accurate dosing due to the control valves.
This technology of chemical reagents supply can be successfully implemented not only in the oil, gas or coal industry, as well as in domestic conditions, the work of housing and communal services, water supply systems and other communications.
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