Application of gas-turbine engines in pumping units complexes of hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas reservoirs

Anatoliy D. Kas’yanov Automatika Saint Petersburg, Russia  
Vladimir A. Gulyy Automatika Saint Petersburg, Russia  
Sergey L. Makarov Automatika Saint Petersburg, Russia  
Given the results of the comparison of the technical characteristics of gas turbine and diesel engines from the point of view of their use as a power in the mobile complexes for hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas reservoirs, shows the advantages of gas-turbine engines.
Materials and methods
The realities of the market of oilfield services in Russia have developed so, that foreign companies have large financial resources and entering into the Russian oil-extracting companies of its equipment entire fleets, to secure a dominant market position. Domestic developers and manufacturers of such equipment can achieve parity in the market of machine-building products, designed for operation in oil producing and oilfield complexes, only relying on the significant technical and economic advantages created by machines. The article shows the peculiarities of application of gas-turbine drive of the pump in the domestic pump unit complex for hydraulic fracturing of gas and oil reservoirs (a complex of hydraulic fracturing. Reflected in the article the results of developments of the collective JSC «design Bureau «Automatics» in sphere of creation of the equipment for the oilfield services market of the oil industry of the Russian Federation, point to the originality, technical soundness, and the correct use of the suggestions received during the creation of a special technology with the use of gas-turbine plants as engines of special purpose machines.
The article reflects the technical advantages of the gas-turbine drive pump units of a complex of hydraulic fracturing in the work of the units, at a very specific load, which is well in the process of fracturing.
1. The power plant of two gas-turbine engines with free turbine as a source of energy pumping unit complex of hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas reservoirs, has a significant advantage compared with a diesel engine in terms of ensuring the continuity of the mixture into the well on the modes of change of pumps and pump pressure.
2. Compact gas-turbine engine and its systems allows to improve the mass and dimensions of the mobile pumping unit complex of hydraulic fracturing in comparison with diesel performance of the unit and to ensure high performance and reliability of the installation as a whole.
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