Experience in the prevention of paraffinoil gathering collectors with heating cable lines

Eduard Yu. Vdovin Center of IT Perm, Russian Federation center.perm@mail.ru
Lev I. Lokshin Center of IT Perm, Russian Federation Lokshin36@yandex.ru
A.P. Balabanov TNK-Nyagan Nyagan, Russian Federation apbalabanov@rosneft.ru
O.O. Sosenko TNK-Nyagan Nyagan, Russian Federation oososenko@tnk-bp.com
AbstractProvided the heating cable delivering method inside the extended oil skimmer collector.Successfully testedin the prevention of paraffin oil gathering collectors heating cable line.
• Achieved preventing the formation of hydrates and AFS in the oil-gathering collector; • Provided reliable operation during the observed lifetime (over 90 days); • Developed and successfully testedthe universal technology of preventing paraffin and hydrates in pipelines using heating cable lines.
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AFS heating cable line flexible NCPs tube