Mechanical electrocontact (signaling) gauges in explosion-proof membranes

Mihail Ju. Mulev MGUPI Moscow, Russian Federation
This paper deals with electric contact (signaling) mechanical gauges and Head-Ex. Presented elektrokontaknye manometers in flameproof operating between 2.5 kPa and having a space-saving design. Electrocontact group performed on the basis of the microswitches.Methods are described for improving the reliability of signaling groups, as well as new designs shells flameproof pressure instrument.
Materials and methods
The problems with burning of contacts elektromontazhnykh groups are not using the dip switches. Studied special alloys reduces the risk of burning and false positives when using magneto-mechanical groups.
Previously produce explosion-proof shell also had a large dimensions and mass.Found the solution to minimize size and today is successfully used.
Data explosion gauges have a number of advantages, such as the use of switches and explosion-proof casing in stainless steel cover that reduces dimensions of the device and allows the use of such devices in mines.
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pressure measurement contact manometer explosion small pressure flameproof enclosure microswitch