Impulse control of distributed capacitance, inductance and parameterless L / R intrinsically safe cable

Dmitry V. Khvostov SIMPEK Moscow, Russian Federation  
E.M. Vishnjakov Ozersky branch of National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI” Ozersk, Russian Federation  
Developed methods precise control of the pulse parameters of the primary communication cables C [Ф/м], L [Гн/м], and L/R for the frequency dependence of the C (f), L (f), and R (f), and the effects associated with the distributed nature of CД, Д, RД (Д — length of cable).
The careful reader will note that the announced at the beginning of the article "Measuring" program C', L', L/R has moved into a different quality. Since been established , in general, the obvious thing: the parameters of C, C', L, L', R, R' have a reasonable sense only for a sufficiently long intervals of time and after~10t' after the pulse ( shock ) excitation line. After the decay in her free oscillations of theelectromagnetic field (Fig. 1 and 5). All this reduces the value of the success achieved in the above measuring errors as 2% for L ', 0.4% for L/R and 0.3% of C'. Since for typical applications of the cableas a transmission medium in a "pure" really connected this accuracy is usually not necessary ( tolerance Z=± 20% [3] , or even none at all [2]) , and other parameters — tolerance almost normalized).
1. Developed accurate pulse methods of research parameters of cables, determining their intrinsic safety, including C, L, L/R, and V and Z.2. Techniques include frequency changing parameters L, R, V, Z and C ( if any ), and the distributed character C ', L' and R' of the cables. 3. It is established that it is not enough for accurate estimates of intrinsic safety cables used in tires PROMSVYAZ. To do this, draw the entire array of data obtained by methods of claim 1. 4. Studies have shown the need for the application of these methods, not only in factory output control security cable, but also as part of a tire preparedfieldbus corresponding to the concept of IEC 60079-27-2012.5. Excitation cross-talk in the veins ofcables allows you to explore (almost) free movement of electromagnetic waves in the cables in conditions as close to emerging during accidents.
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