Application blends inert aggregates on base cationic bitumen emulsions and emulsions on base modified bitumens

This document discussed problems of roads pavement connected with application bituminous cements that have low physical mechanical properties and irresponsive requirements of climatic factors our region. Besides authors in this report considers methods of solution this problems. Similarly presented data laboratory researches of polymer bituminous cements and cationic emulsions that consisting of modified bitumens and emulsifying composition.
Materials and methods
Bitumen BND 90/130 of Angarsk oil refineries, styrol-butadien-styrol «DST-30-01», industrial oil, sand, broken stone.Penetration, ductility, softening temperature, shatter point, elasticity, compressive resistance, water resistance.
As a result of carry out research was received stabilized polymer-bitumen emulsion on basis of modified bitumen. Besides was received and carry out research organomineral blends on basis of polymer-bitumen emulsions.
The organomineral blends on basis of received polymer-bitumen emulsions will be increase service life road pavements on 1,5–2 years.
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