Research of the work of the horizontal system of temperature stabilization of ground soils tube type in tube (GTT)

Grigoriy M. Dolgikh, Sergey N. Okunev

DOI: 10.24411/2076-6785-2019-10050

The article assesses the efficiency of the GTT system (horizontal pipe in the pipe) at different positions of the cooling pipes with a closed end (TOZK). Within the framework of studies tests were carried out at three positions of the TOZK: horizontal, slightly inclined (their far end is lowered by 0.5 m) and anti-inclined (their far end is raised by 0.5 m), at various thermal loads.

Geosynthetic Clay Lines

Sergey V. Zavyalov

AbstractThe article compares different watertight water-proofing materials. There is a description of the advantages of applying mineral geosynthetic polymer waterproofing materials.

geosynthetic waterproofing bentonite geosynthetic clay lines waterproofing materials