Dynamic passportization of multi-object multi-parameter systems

Alexey S. Kashik

DOI 10.24411/2076-6785-2019-10011

The article is devoted to the completed development of software tools for analysis of accumulated reporting information stored in databases of any multi-object systems accompanied by continuous visualization of intermediate and final results. The purpose of this research is a deep study of the active life of the system (the set of wells in the field, a set of fields of the same type in the companies, the administrative entities of countries, blocs or unions of States, etc.), allowing to evaluate the accuracy, usefulness, timeliness, the appropriateness of past influences on the system, i.e. to obtain new knowledge using which to avoid in the future of past mistakes and wrong decisions, directing the development of systems in the specified target direction. Dynamic passports as a complete analogue of the "biography" of multi- object multiparameter systems equipped with three-dimensional visualization software tools can be considered as the basis for the development of various socio-political and industrial defining their trends. achievability and sustainability.

Usage of software GeoLas necessary for modeling, reserve calculation and development of oilfield facilities

Rustam R. Bil'danov, Al'bert F. Safarov

Due to software implementation of geological modeling in oil facilities, the automatic control of database determination is considered to be the most relevant issue. The authors of the article developed and constructed the software GeoLas for operational work during 3D geological modeling

geological model reserve calculation well-log interpretation database of oilfield

Main solutions and advantages of Yokogawa' APC

Marat R. Khatimov, Andrey V. Bogachev, Bulat M. Nizameev, Denis A. Ryzhov

Advanced process control (APC) enables the refining and petrochemical companies to run industrial processes with the highest safety and reliability, minimize an operating cost and keep production with respect to existing environmental regulations. The combination of APC application with other optimization technologies may prove it is beneficial and profitable in operation.

advanced pro